ACT Client Database And

Visual DataFlex Client Engine
Visual DataFlex Client Engines execute Windows-based application software.
Data Access Worldwide
Firebird Maestro
Premier Firebird admin tool for database management.
SQL Maestro Group
Office Organizer
Application that acts as an email client and organizer.
TrialBest ltd.

ACT Client Database and

SequeLink ODBC Client
Complete end-to-end database middleware solution providing thin client for ODBC.
DataDirect Technologies
D3 ODBC Client
The D3 ODBC Client driver for connecting applications to database servers.
Raining Data, Inc.
My Client
MyClient is an open source web client interface for the MySQL database.
Kevin L. Papendick
Transport Rentals
A database and a scheduler for a transport rental business.
Binary House Software
Real Estate Agent
Must-have software for real estate agencies featuring a database and a scheduler.
Binary House Software
The Invoice Client Manager
Invoice Client Manager helps organize and run the Client side of businesses.
Vision Software
ZIM Client
ZIM Client provides remote client access to ZIM database and application servers.
Zim Corporation.
Great Engine Web DB Explorer 2007
Its an assistant tool which focus on website database develops and maintain.
Great Engine Studio

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ACT Client Database and

Video Insight Network Client
Network Client is used to view live or recorded video from Analog or IP cameras.
Video Insight
MergeAdmin 2011 merges and imports data from any ASCII data file .
ASDS Computer
Easy-to-use BLAST client for Windows OS.
TM Software
AgencyPro for Windows
AgencyPro, has ALL of the tools you need to run a virtually "paperless".
Agency Software, Inc.
This program will verify your security permissions and allow database uploads.
MergeAdmin 2010
MergeAdmin 2010 merges and imports data from any ASCII data file into an ACT!
ASDS Computer Co.
TaxPro e-TDS
TDS return filing program with a multiple-client database.
Chartered Information Systems Private Limited